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Greater Tri State Sleep Center is an AASM accredited facility that specializes in comprehensive sleep studies and the treatment of sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea. Each of our staff members has had extensive training in Sleep Disorders and PAP Therapy.

Greater Tri State Sleep Center conducts sleep studies Sunday- Friday and can usually schedule testing of our patients within 24 hours. GTSSC goes the extra step and will always verify member benefits and review insurance coverage prior to scheduling any test.  Greater Tri State Sleep Center also offers in-home sleep testing, in addition to the lab based testing.

Our facilities offer fully furnished lab bedrooms with queen sized beds, linens, televisions, and Wi-Fi access to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Having testing performed can cause anxiety, that’s why our Sleep Technicians take a special approach to make every patient feel welcomed and at ease.

Here at Greater Tri State Sleep Center, we have a full sleep lab with a DME Relations Department focused solely on helping our patients who are placed on therapy adjust to the lifestyle change. With our all-inclusive studies, we don’t just conduct the study and abandon patients to face the change alone; we follow our patients for 90 days to ensure an easy transition into their new lifestyle. Consultations with our sleep physicians are available to our patients during and after treatment. We believe in changing lives, one sleep at a time.